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We always call for and practice five notions of development, reform, innovation, competition and human-oriented, and truth-seeking. We insist and deploy continuous improvement and innovation of all managing events, strengthen basis management, and strive for enhancement of overall management level, gradually establish scientific, standardized, and institutional modern enterprise management system. The managers at all levels can grasp scientific and advanced management theories and methodologies through continuous improvement and can use and summarize them incorporating with actual practices to make our management continuously innovated so that the enterprise can continuously and rapidly develop. 

We always insist human-oriented concept, call for common development of the employees and the enterprise,put our talents to best use, and give high priority to encourage the employees’ creativity and realization of their individual values. We will build a fair and just platform of the employees’ development.

Innovation provides an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development. Innovation needs to make bold exploration, to bless with the essence of urgency, dedication, and great tenacity, and to have wisdom and capacity of innovation. Invigorate thinking innovation and learning atmosphere in human-oriented, innovative, and overriding way.

Our quality management starts from two “Zeros” i.e. Zero failure for work and zero limitation for innovation to achieve two 100% objectives i.e. with 100% qualified rate of products and with 100% customer satisfaction.

Zero failure for work: All the employees are required to meticulously work from the beginning and correctly finish for one time to ensure quality of products through good working quality. 

Zero limitation for innovation. Continuous improvement, innovation, and overriding are foundation of an enterprise under a market competitive condition. Continuous innovation and breakthrough is the key to survive the unsteady world market.

100% qualified rate of products: High-quality products result from meticulous. The quality of product and service are life of the enterprise. High-quality product is the key to win the customers’ trust.

100% customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the aim of all the work of us. We will make the customers satisfied with our high-quality product and sincere service.

Safe development is critical to the people’s life, health, and well-being. It affects the vital interests of the people and is closely related to the people’s empathy.  Safety development represents the most essential human-oriented characteristic as well as important principles and guiding ideology of great interest of safety, more care of life, and that safety is a huge responsibility.


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