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  • natural sulphurization antisepsis、

    SINOMIN natural sulfide anti-corrosive, wear-resistant rubber lining is designed with protective metal or the other substrates for prevention of erosion by all kinds of medium. A pure natural rubber is a kind of high-quality wear-resistant material. Especially, its inherent tensile capacity, elastic and anti-shearing capacity may directly influence the wearing performance in wet and wear-resistant field.

  • cold sticking for rubber plate

    SINOMIN rubber slab cold bonding technology is advanced, adopting German NILOS unique cold film bonding technology. The rubber slab can be bonded with metal in a high strength for convenience of construction, repair, and maintenance on site. It features excellent wearing performance and is applicable for all types of drum and high-wearing working environment.

  • rotor and stator of flotation mac

    SINOMIN flotation stator and rotor assembly based on unique framework structure and advanced production technology of liquid-phase nano wear-resistant rubber is awarded with national patent (ZL2005 220000494.X)for its construction and design.

  • rubber lined pump case、rubber over-flow part

    SINOMIN rubber transflux parts, rubber lining pump casing is based on long-term development and research and awarded with national patent (Patent No. ZL01-259401.6), of which protective jacket of desulphurized rubber pump is the unique and biggest one in China at present.

  • rubber lining of grinding machine body

    Rubber lining of a mill as well as feeding and discharging end lining plate series is made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber material by special vulcanization technology through compression molding and forming.

  • compound steel-rubber pipe

    SINOMIN has design and production experience of compound steel-rubber hoses for many years and has many successful cases. The customized rubber products may widely be used for metallurgical, electric power, chemical engineering, petroleum, coal, and cement application and used for fine tailing ore transferring system, ash transferring system of coal-fired power generation plant, chemical engineering anti-corrosive application, well backfill of coal mine, harbor dredging, pipeline etc.

  • cylindrical sieve

    SINOMIN CM series of screens are designed with two kinds of structure. One is of bonding rubber screen that the drilled metal and wear-resistant rubber is molded and formed through high compression. The other is of framework made of metal, of which inner trim is wound by polyester or nylon line as a reinforcement layer and is molded and formed with wear-resistant rubber material through high compression.

  • tube

    SINOMIN RSR rubber hose series are the crystal experienced on our rubber hose design and manufacturing for many years. An RSR rubber hose is provided with multi-layer rubber, metal, non-metal reinforcement phase through special composite technology.

  • elbow、three-way tube、deformed

    We have designed a series of elbow, tee, and irregularly shaped pipes to meet the requirements of larger bending radius and higher wear environment SINOMIN series of elbow, tee, and irregularly shaped pipes are featured with long service life, light weight, easy installation, good corrosion-resistant performance, and small running resistance. No de-bonding can be found under use for a long time under large temperature difference.

  • dredging pipeline

    SINOMIN dredging hose series features excellent wearing resistance, which is specially designed and manufactured for navigation channel dredging engineering. It is mainly used for dredging oceans, rivers, lakes, and harbors as well as reclaiming fields from the sea. Sinomin is an enterprise cooperative with all the larger dredger shipyards and dredging companies in the world. Our product has been used for all the larger dredging projects across China. Our engineers may provide you with the most suitable design of dredging hoses.


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