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Corporate social responsibility of Sinomin Group covers the management of five systems: giving back to the society, employee occupational health, employee rights and interests, human rights protection, anti-bribery and supply chain management, so that the company's social responsibility has rules to follow and laws to follow. In the process of promoting the implementation of social responsibility, Sinomin Group will continuously improve the corporate social responsibility management system to meet the expectations and requirements of the company and stakeholders, so as to continuously improve the corporate social responsibility performance.

Give back to society

  Sinomin Group aims at the harmonious development of enterprises and the society, actively gives back to the society, supports the education cause, participates in social public welfare activities to support the education cause in less developed areas and provides assistance to the areas suffering from natural disasters. Since the establishment of Sinomin has donated 5 million yuan to public welfare projects.


Employee rights and human rights protection

   We adhere to the concept of "people-oriented, people to the best of their ability". Actively promote personnel management innovation and mechanism innovation, protect the rights and interests of employees, pay attention to the privacy of employees, promote the development of employees, pay attention to the protection of human rights, provide a superior working and living environment, and create an atmosphere of respect for knowledge and talent.      A series of management documents have been formulated for employees' concerns such as salary, overtime work and complaints, so as to effectively safeguard employees' rights and interests.

Occupational health

  Sinomin Group has realized the full coverage of basic insurance such as endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, etc. In addition, in order to solve the staff's worries, the company provides additional insurance for the staff against accidental injury insurance, major disease insurance and medical insurance. It has formulated special management procedures for safety, hygiene and chemical management, which fully reflects the group's emphasis on social responsibility.



In order to prevent the abuse of power such as bribery in the management process of the factory, and to ensure that all people get legitimate rights and interests and reasonable protection. The general affairs department is responsible for investigating and dealing with any bribery in accordance with laws, regulations and social responsibility standards, and promptly stopping it, and formulating remedial measures.


Supply chain management

Responsible Procurement: Material procurement directly affects the company ’s products and daily operations. We actively promote the transition of Sinomin-related supply chains to transparency and responsible procurement. We continue to carry out responsible procurement, and better support and support focus through centralized procurement. The healthy development of suppliers promotes the supply chain to gradually go to the optimal mode through green procurement.


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